TechCode Israel China Innovation Center launched to build a platform for Israel-China cooperation


By JINGJING LI, Times of Israel |March 31, 2016, 10:30pm|, translated by KELEI REN

TechCode Israel China Innovation Center recently opened in Tel Aviv, with Chinese Deputy Premier Liu Yandong, who is visiting Israel, attending the opening ceremony. The center will become the “Israel-China innovation center” and play an important role in promoting the bilateral innovation and cooperation between Israel and China.

Apart from Chinese Deputy Premier Liu Yandong, Chinese Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang, Chinese Ambassador to Israel Zhan Yongxin, and Chief Scientist of Israel Avi Hasson also attended the opening ceremony.

Government officials, entrepreneurs, people in the entrepreneurship and innovation circles from the two countries and Israeli startups residing in TechCode Innovation Center witnessed the signing ceremony of innovation cooperation and the center’s launch event.

TechCode as a professional organization focuses on incubator operations management and high-tech start-ups dynamic growth, aiming to build the nation of Start-ups, to create a comprehensive entrepreneurship ecosystem and to help businesses rapidly growth. TechCode provides enterprises with office space, business mentors, financial support, financial services, brand promotion and other services.

TechCode Israel China Innovation Center is a new addition to TechCode’s global innovation network, which has established a foothold in the world’s major innovation cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hebei, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Berlin and others.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Avi Hasson mentioned that TechCode Israel China Innovation Center represents the innovation ecosystem potential of China and Israel, and promotes the huge space for cooperation in the innovation field. The initiative is a cooperation with Israel, and it also links the innovative power of the entire world together. China is not only a significant market, but also the perfect partner, with all the resources needed for innovation.

Chinese Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang commented that both governments support young people in innovation and entrepreneurship, and hope to provide a better environment for their innovation and entrepreneurship. TechCode joins Chinese and global youth innovation and entrepreneurial passion and wisdom together, forming a global innovation network.

Ms. Erica Huang, CEO of TechCode Global, said that TechCode Israel China Innovation Center will uphold the “global technology – TechCode Acceleration – Created in China” development strategy, with “China market – Capacity in China – China and Israel capital” as the gist of accelerating startup success. At the same time, TechCode will make full use of global industry, finance and intellectual resources, to provide the world’s young people a better innovation environment. Responding to the call of China-Israel three-year action plan, TechCode selected leading Israeli technology companies in various fields according to priority areas of cooperation signed by the two sides to join TechCode community.

Zheng Xiaoxing, general manager of TechCode Israel China Innovation Center, had an interview with the Times of Israel reporter. She said that she hoped to build this space into a community; to link together innovation ecosystem-related businesses, institutions; to form an auto-circulated ecosystem; and to combine resources outside of the system to achieve a greater virtuous circle.

According to Zheng, the innovation center has a strict screening criteria and review processes for startup candidates, which should meet three conditions: Leading technology or business model, appeal to the Chinese market and globalization potential.

It is reported that the Innovation Center now has a number of enterprises from various China-Israel key cooperation industries, including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, intelligent hardware, brain science and technology, robotics, clean energy etc.