Everything you wanted to know about Techcode in Israel

1Who are we?
Techcode is a China-based network of incubators and accelerators, with specific specialization and emphasis placed around innovative Automotive and IoT start-up companies and small businesses. Techcode has one of China’s largest incubator networks, with a worldwide presence of more than 30 hubs in 7 different countries. These include; China, USA, South Korea, Israel, Germany, Finland, and Russia. Our mission is to take these innovative start-ups, scale them up, and help to expand globally, tapping into the ever-expanding Chinese market. This is done through our network of over 40 industrial clusters across China.
2What makes us unique?
First of all, we’re China specialists. We have multiple assets, allowing us to create customised methods and projects to work with you, all aimed to provide ‘soft landing’ in China. Our offices provide an amazing space in the heart of Tel Aviv, the business center of the ‘Start-up Nation’. Here we can provide all the mentoring, financing opportunities, access to Chinese connections, outgoing and incoming delegations from all over the world, meet-ups, investor road shows and more. Our unique relationship with the Chinese government provides access to a network of China’s largest corporates, giving you the opportunity to deal first hand with them.
3What types of companies are we looking to work with?
Our objective is to find innovative start-ups and small companies that are looking to scale up and reach out to the Chinese market. Primarily, we look to work with companies who at least have a working prototype of their product, but, we are flexible and you can convince us to work with you, even if you are yet to reach that stage.
4What are our main verticals?
Our main focus in Israel are companies in the fields of Smart Mobility, AR/VR, Medical Devices, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Drones, Robotics, CleanTech and Smart Home. We are also open to working with companies in the fields of Big Data.
5Who are our Strategic Partners?
We are currently partnered with CFLD, a multibillion-dollar real estate company from China. Their job is to construct the industrial cities, or clusters, across China and it’s our job to fill them with Israel’s brightest minds. There are currently more than 40 industrial clusters across China.
6What is the Future of Techcode?
Over the next 3 years, Techcode also wants to focus on functioning outside of the traditional constraints that a classical incubator provides. Techcode is seeking to create an ecological class incubation network with greater emphasis on; Smart lifestyle, Health, New Materials, Green and Organic Architecture, Aerospace engineering, Clean energies, Manufacturing, as well as other areas of the high tech.
7Do you have to be physically present in our office space to enjoy our services?
Of course not! The co-working space is only offered to companies we wish to work with, allowing you to be closer to the action. We offer subsidized rent as part of the services we can provide. The co-working space is a start-up ecosystem by itself, full of knowledge and varying expertise, which allows all members to collaborate, share knowledge and embrace China. Even if you don’t require office space in Tel Aviv, we would still love to work with you. There’s always the offer of office space in China and across the rest of the world.
8Can only a portion of your team sit in the Techcode Tel Aviv offices?
Absolutely! It is completely up to you! You can have as many, or as few people, as you wish sitting in our offices!
9How do you sign up?
There is a simple application process. Following the initial forms and contact, we will ask for some details about the company, a one-pager, briefing or slide deck. We will then want to meet with a senior member, usually the CEO, to understand further the workings and product your company has to offer. Crucially, we seek to understand the objectives and plan for the Chinese market. With the information you provide us, we will conduct an internal discussion with HQ in China, and if we are impressed, then we will be delighted to start working with you immediately!
10Why do we make you go through an application process for co-working space?
Here at Techcode, we are more than just a co-working space; we are working in conjunction with you and providing all the services needed for expansion and soft landing in China. It is a more than a contract, Techcode provides a mutually beneficial agreement with select companies.
11What other services can you receive from us?
Techcode offers an entirely customised plan for every individual company dependant on your needs and requirements. Such services include; Company registration, Business development services, Office space in Israel and China, access to regional government funding and more.

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