Everything you wanted to know about TCTLV

1Who we are
TechCode is a China-based global network of start-up innovation hubs. We have centers of operations in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Gu’an), Korea (Seoul), U.S (Silicon Valley), Germany (Berlin), Israel (Tel Aviv) - and we are constantly opening new TC hubs in other countries. TechCode Tel Aviv aims to connect Israeli start ups with opportunities in China and globally.
2What makes us unique
Well, first of all, there’s plenty of China for everyone :) but seriously, we are different: We have multiple assets that enable us to offer customized ways of working with us, all aimed at providing start ups a “safe landing” in China - Office space in a beautiful building in the heart of Tel Aviv (“tctlv”), mentoring, financing opportunities, connections to partners in China, outgoing and incoming delegations, meetups, and more. We’re also connected to the Chinese government and largest private companies, allowing us to help you get in touch with virtually anyone and everyone in China.
3What type of companies are we looking to work with
Our aim is to provide solutions for the challenges the Chinese market presents, and so we’re primarily looking for companies that target the Chinese market, in every vertical. We focus on companies that have at least a working prototype of their product, so we can get them to the Chinese market as early as possible. However, we are flexible, and if you convince us that we should work with you even though your product isn’t yet in that stage, we will.
4What are our main verticals?
Yes, our main focus in Israel are companies in the fields of Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Hardware (including, but not limited to, IoT, Drones, 3D Printing, Robotics), Cleantech and VR/AR. We are also open to working with companies in the fields of Big Data and transportation.
5What if you're in a different vertical?
We’ll be happy to meet! We’re seeking the best companies in Israel, and are fairly flexible. If you think you have an amazing product even if you do not find yourself in any of the verticals described above , don’t hesitate to contact us.
6How is it that our pricing is lower than anyone else but we provide a complete package?
We’re all about encouraging companies to enter the Chinese market, so our terms are super friendly. We offer a sit at the open space part of tctlv for $200 a month, and offices that can house teams from 4 to 7 people for $300 a month per person. That price includes everything you need - wifi, printing, kitchen and everything that’s standard in Tel Aviv. We also have an amazing roof you can hang out in, and a few surprises you would need to come by to see...
7Do you have to be physically present in the office space to enjoy our services?
Of course not! We offer our coworking space as a service to the companies we want to work with, and part of the service we offer is subsidizing the cost of the office space, so companies can be closer to where the action is, without spending a lot of money on rent and other office services. Our coworking space is much more than just a space - is it a community that is filled with companies, service providers, knowledge and atmosphere that embrace you with China. However, if you do not need an office in Tel Aviv, we will still work with you no matter where you are. Even if you don’t need a space in our Israeli office, we can offer you a space in our Chinese offices in any of our current and future hubs.
8Can only part of your team sit in the tctlv?
9So how do you sign up?
Super easy! Here is an application process - after an initial contact has been made, we will ask for a few details about the company and an executive briefing or slide deck. We will probably want to meet a senior member of the company (CEO, VP, etc) to understand more about the company, its products and what it aims to achieve in the Chinese market. With that information we will conduct internal discussions with our team in Israel and our China HQ, and if you managed to impress us we will happily start working with you.
10Why all this hassle? no other coworking space makes you go through an application process…
True, but we are not just a coworking space - we are your partner. We do not just provide you with a place to work (if you need one) - we are working with you. We need to be sure that working with you would be beneficial for both sides, so we need to conduct a screening phase and manage our expectations from each other.
11What other types of services can you get from us?
We are customizing our offering to each company, based on its needs and the needs of our partners. For example, we can help you find a manufacturing partner, a distribution partner, legal and financial representation, participation in road shows in China, presenting to incoming delegations, access to potential collaborations with companies and government in China, and much more.
12Do we have an acceleration program?
We do! Our AI+ and Medtech acceleration programs are in cycle. Check out our website or register to our newsletter for updates.
13What if you're currently participating in another accelerator program?
That’s great! Since a lot of the accelerators in Israel are helping companies turn their ideas into products, we are happy to help companies that graduated from these accelerators get their product to the Chinese market through the various services we provide. You can finish your current accelerator participation and then start working with us, but based on the fact that we ask you to go through an application process, we advise you to start talking to us ASAP, to minimize the time between the end of your current accelerator participation and starting to work with us.